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How many images will we receive?


It depends on the shoot. The longer the duration, the more photos you will receive. On average, for a 30 minute shoot we deliver 40-50 images.

Do you travel for photoshoots?

We do travel for photoshoots, up to 100 miles for free.

What’s in your camera bag?

- Canon 5d VI & a Canon R5 w/ a 35mm & a 24-70mm
-Nikon D850 & a Nikon Z7ii w/ a 58mm, & a 70-200mm

How long have you been a photographer?


Evan started with film photography in 2004 and then moved into digital photography in 2007. Cydney got her degree in film in 2013 and started filming weddings shortly after but soon fell in love with photography.

Can we meet you before booking?

Of course! We love meeting our clients beforehand. It helps us get to know you and you see how we work, so when the photoshoot day comes you feel comfortable with us.

What if we need to raincheck or cancel?


The retainer will be applied to a rescheduled session provided the notice is given 7 days prior. If not, we require a $50 rescheduling fee.

*Can we exchange the complimentary engagement shoot for extra hours?


Unfortunately, no. All of our wedding packages include an engagement session, and it is listed as complimentary for two reasons: 1) so it’s clear that it can’t be traded in for cash/album credit/extra hours of coverage/etc, and 2) so that it’s extra incentive to DO the engagement session. We don’t want this to seem like a trick in any way, it’s exactly what it seems: we GIFT our clients an engagement session because of how incredibly valuable it is to have time together before the wedding.

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