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Meet The Team


We are The Foatographers, a photography company founded on the principles of love, dedication, and passion. We are based in San Luis Obispo and pride ourselves in providing you with quality photography, whatever the occasion. Our unique approach to shooting combines traditional and modern techniques, delivering a striking and unforgettable result. We specialize in capturing your natural expressions and stunning candid moments, from wedding ceremonies to surprise proposals. Our team will help make your event an ever-lasting memory to cherish.

For us, photography isn't just about capturing the perfect picture. It's about capturing the feeling of the moment, the raw emotions that make every engagement or wedding unique. It's about the love that you share with your partner and that spark that started it all. Our photography has gotten us around the world, but no matter where we go, it's always about the people and the stories behind our pictures. Let us take you on a journey that you'll never forget.

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